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kingdom without a king
I thought I'd update just to let everyone know why I took a break from being online a few weeks ago. I know some people were worried at my abrupt departure, and I'm really sorry for that. Thank you to everyone who checked in with me and sent me birthday wishes. Dine, thank you for your wonderful card. It was just what I needed when I needed it. ♥

So basically, about a month or so ago, I fucked up my shoulder, and the resulting pinched nerve got bad enough to immobilize me for two days and rendered my right arm useless for two weeks. I'll spare you the details of the endless doctors' visits, the medications that did exactly jackshit, and the panicked, agonizing ER visit that lasted half a day and finally led to the right medications being prescribed to me. What you need to know is that I'm better now, for the most part. I still have some pain in my arm and my fingers are still kind of numb, but I'm not living in constant agony, and I'm no longer passing out in exhaustion from trying to keep it together at work.

(I cried a lot at work from trying to deal with the pain. My co-workers did everything they could to make things better for me, and when that didn't work, they actually went and got my BIL and made him take me to the ER to get checked out. I continue to love my job and the people I work with because they are some of the best people on earth. Also, my BIL is amazing and took good care of me while I was incapacitated. I owe him a lot. He is a very good man.)

Anyway, the last month was hellish and brutal, but I finished my round of medication and am doing weekly massage therapy, so I'm in a much better place. I think I might need a few more massage therapy sessions before I'm back to normal, but for now, I'm basically offline because using the computer for more than five minutes puts too much strain on my arm, which makes work really interesting, let me tell you. I tried commenting on LJ entries today, but I didn't last more than a few minutes before my arm started aching again, so I'm not ready to be online just yet. I've been doing everything through my phone, so if you need to reach me, just email me and I'll get back to you eventually.

I'm sorry for all the birthdays I missed, and all the birthdays I will miss, but I hope your natal day was full of good things and people telling you how important you are to them. If I owe you fic, and I know I do, I will try to get it written as soon as I can handle working on a computer, and I hope it will be worth the wait. I will also make an attempt to read ALL THE FIC, especially Avengers now that I've seen the movie twice, when I get back online.

I miss you all, and I hope to be back soon.

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30th-Apr-2012 07:27 pm(no subject)
run with the devil
Taking a break from being online for a while. I've been in intense pain for the last week, and even anti-inflammatories and Percocet don't seem to be making a dent.

I'll be back when I can type without feeling like someone's sawing off my elbow. Hope you're all doing well.

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21st-Apr-2012 08:37 am - Every Day Is Exactly The Same.
a short drop and a sudden stop
So I got sick again. And by 'got sick', I mean that I woke up on Thursday with a cough. By the time I got to work, I felt shitty. By the time I was done all my meetings, I was so cold that not even three layers of sweaters could warm me up. By the time it was 2:30, the BIL was worried enough about me to take me to the walk-in clinic to see a dcotor, who promptly diagnosed me with a high fever and shoved a prescription for antibiotics into my shivering hand.

I came home, showered in the hottest water I could stand, and then passed out into coma sleep for about three hours. Woke up, took my meds, couldn't eat anything because antibiotics makes everything taste terrible, and slept for another eight hours. I still felt awful on Friday and stayed home instead of trying to make it in to work. I watched a lot of bad movies and napped on and off all day long with a cat on my lap. I still couldn't eat anything because it all just tasted horrible and eating just brought on nausea, even though I was hungry enough to be nauseous about it. Basically, Friday sucked.

I'm feeling better today, or at least, I'm feeling good enough that I ate a whole piece of toast with cheese on it, and had a cup of tea as well. You know you're feeling better when you can actually drink tea. I will continue this trend of eating cautiously until I get my full appetite back, and then I just have to stop feeling weak and tired and achey. And stop getting sick all the time because holy shit, am I tired of that.

I'm sorry for not answering comments or posts. I'm trying to catch up on everything while I'm still upright. Happy belated birthdays to zombres and meus_venator. I'm so sorry for missing out on wishing you on your birthdays, but I hope you spent your natal days being venerated for being the quality human beings that you are. ♥

Okay, I'm going to go lie down until the world stops spinning.

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lovely in her bones
I'm so bad at tumblr, you guys. It's supposed to be my happy place, but then I get angry at people saying stupid things in a fandom that I don't even participate in, and then I am getting my ragey words and thoughts all over peoples' dashes. Ugh. Sorry for all of it. I'll just invent a thing that will let me punch stupid people in the face over the internet. It'll be easier.

On the upside, all that rage seems to have kicked my writing into gear? I don't even know what is going on with that, but I wrote a thing for a show that hasn't even aired yet, but has garnered all the controversy and all my rage. And I just... I am terrible at the internet.

If you're interested, it's for Elementary, it's my usual trope of 'two emotionally stunted crime fighters in a buddy cop flick', and it's Sherlock/Joan because I want Lucy Liu to have all the sex.

Elementary, My Dear Watson

The game"s afoot? Who even talks like that anymore?Collapse )

Next up is 'Avengers at a craft fair' for Lillian and the Teen Wolf/Mortal Kombat mash-up that Gus somehow mind-whammied me into writing.

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lovely in her bones
All of this is being done in a rush because I left my packing for the last minute, which I realize is entirely my fault, but anyway, today I am off on family vacation time so I'm gone for four days of food, stupid family stories, and hot tubbing until I turn into a squid.

Since I won't be around (I plan on not checking my phone every five minutes for once), I want to wish people for their birthdays in advance.

annlarimer, o_contrary, and rubywisp, happy birthday in advance. I hope there are presents and cake and company with people you like who know you and love you, and everyone making a fuss over how great you are. I'm sorry I'll miss it, but I hope it'll be a cavalcade of love on your birthdays. ♥

To the rest of you, I will miss you. I hope you have either a happy Easter or just a fabulous weekend of doing whatever you want, and I will be back soon to tell you about all things about me and my family got up to while I was away. There may even be pictures! (Crappy cellphone pictures, but this is not news.)

I'll also answer everything when I come back because I am terrible at managing my time in my personal life, although I do well in my professional life. Go figure.

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5th-Apr-2012 09:18 am(no subject)
geeks united
My Director just came in with fluffy pink rabbit ears and a wee tail, and gave chocolate to everyone.


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28th-Mar-2012 08:28 pm - Time To Punch The Fuck Out Of It.
time-travelling killer!
My sincerest apologies to anyone following me on Tumblr who had to deal with my endless bitching all day. I was trying to be more positive, but then today happened.

So, I've had this pain in the right side of my mouth whenever I eat, and it's been going on for the last week and a half. It's something to do with the crown I had put in six years ago, so I ended up doing the adult, responsible thing and going to see the dentist. She isn't the dentist who did the root canal and put in the crown, but she was really nice and understanding, even while she was whacking my tooth and causing me pain.

It turns out that I have an abscess building up in this misbegotten tooth because some bacteria from a previous infection might have lingered. Joyous. So now my options are root canal treatment, which would fix the abscess and let me keep the crown, but which costs close to $2,000 that I am never going to have. Or I could just extract the tooth for $200 and be on my merry way. I'm going for the tooth extraction because I do not have a spare $1,700 just lying around in case I need dental work done. God, teeth, why do we need them?!

The thing that made me want to cry was when my dentist said, "It's only $200," in reference to the cost of the tooth extraction, and I wanted to tell her that that is a third of my weekly paycheck and there is nothing 'only' about it. Not to mention that it will not be just $200; it'll be $200, plus taxes, plus about a hundred dollars more for the anesthetic because my stupid body has a high tolerance for drugs so it'll take about seven shots of anesthetic to get me numbed enough for any kind of surgery. I shudder to think what'll happen if I ever need major surgery involving anesthetic. They might as well knock me out with a club.

And there is a small, stupid, shallow part of me that doesn't want to lose a tooth because it'll be non-symmetrical, but the practical part of me knows that I have to think short-term now and long-term later, so I'm losing a tooth in two weeks. I'll just have to get over my issues with it.

The thing that got me through today was venting to the BIL about the racism and misogyny discussions happening on Tumblr re: Elementary and The Hunger Games because I was genuinely upset over some of the things being said. I give the BIL shit because he tends to get on my nerves at times, but he is honestly such a good guy. He let me get it all out and made the same points that I had made and was just basically a rock. I love that guy, he is fucking amazing.

I just want it to be the weekend so I can hide from everything in my pajamas and drink tea and read all the hockey fic and watch all the hockey links misspamela and nicolasechs sent me.

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23rd-Mar-2012 09:18 pm - It's Possible That I'm Over-Invested.
constant as the northern star
I'm halfway through demon_rum's Everything is a Stall and I keep having to stop reading because I literally can't see through my tears. Jesus Christ, Marcus, keep breaking my fucking heart, why don't you?

“No, you don't understand.” Marcus' voice turned raspy, as he tried to fight back the pressure welling up inside him. It wasn't working. “He's still going to die, and I was a dick to you back there, and that's almost exactly how my dad died five years ago, and I don't want to be here, and I only went to med school because Pop wanted me to, and I hate being a doctor with every single ounce of my strength but I'm trapped and I can't get out of it no matter what I do because I own Sallie Fucking Mae $200,000, and I'm so lonely. I've got no one but an ex-girlfriend in Springfield and a mom who thinks the Nazis are making a comeback and I can't do this anymore.”

Go read it. It's the most amazing Eagle AU, and you will love it. Once you stop bawling your eyes out.

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22nd-Mar-2012 10:34 am - Looking For An Easy Way Out.
you've got love
From here:

If you go to the link, you will see the most brilliant tags ever, and now I want an Avengers/Mean Girls fusion. Tony can be Regina, Bruce is Cady, Clint is Gretchen, and Steve is Karen. Natasha can be Janis, Clint can be Damian, and maybe Pepper can be Ms. Norbury.

I'm not sure who Thor or Nick Fury would be, but basically, I just want this to happen now.

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trip along merrily
Every time I try to make a post with words instead of videos or pictures or gifs, I just get horribly tired and quit halfway through. I seem to be doing that a lot more lately, so I guess this means another trip to my doctor and more blood tests. Bah!

Anyway, have some good news in point form:

  • my work contract got extended till September of this year. Which is really wonderful because right now, there are a lot of cuts being planned due to the upcoming budget, and everyone's freaking out right now. So I'm incredibly thrilled that I am staying on at this place for a little while longer. It's still full of amazing people doing amazing work, and I still love it here.

  • got tickets to go see Young Frankenstein: The Musical with the brother-in-law in May. MY DORKY EXCITEMENT CANNOT BE CONTAINED.

  • reserved tickets for the Ottawa Comic Con coming up May 12 to 13 where JEAN-LUC PICARD AND Q ARE ATTENDING. My inner Next Gen nerd is incredibly happy. I will be going with the sister and brother-in-law and we plan to geek the fuck out for a day. Have I mentioned lately how much my birth month is going to rock this year?

  • am going up to Calaboogie with the family to celebrate Easter. Two more weeks and it's family time! Also, there will be hot tubs and stupid stories. I can't wait.

  • could possibly be attending Con.txt and meeting misspamela if I can get my salary worked out and save enough in time. I want this to happen because omg Miss P hugs!

  • also, more salary means I can finally save up to go visit Cee and Danny. Hand to heart, this has been a dream of mine for a really long time. It's going to happen, this year or next.

  • similarly, will (hopefully) finally be meeting charliehey this June after ten years of knowing her. FUTURAMA AND MEL BROOKS MARATHONS, HERE WE COME. :D

  • I will be staying at bookofdays' apartment in three weeks and I will finally get to meet her cat. And go see movies with her. I am so excited! ♥

    Fannish-y things:

  • watched 21 Jump Street and laughed myself into several coughing fits. Besides the fact that this movie clearly doesn't take itself seriously and writes all the filthy humor that appeals to me, there's a real sweetness and affection between the characters that I didn't expect in a movie like this. And not the "I love you, man" aspect of it either, but the very real friendship and complicated feelings between Jenko and Schmidt from their high school days to their cop days to the Jump Street program days.

    I kind of want all the gen fic about them being buds and hanging out and cheating at video games and Jenko giving Schmidt tips about not being a nervous sweat bomb in front of women. I also not-so-secretly want stories about Jenko and his teeny, cute science nerd teaching him more about covalent bonds and making out on the couch, but since Jenko/Schmidt is going to become the main pairing of this fandom, I suspect I'm out of luck. Oh, well.

  • hey, did you know Avengers is coming out soon? WHY IS IT NOT OUT ALREADY? I CAN'T STAND THE WAITING.

  • bought The Muppets and Tintin on DVD, and watched all the behind-the-scenes stuff for the Muppets movie. You guys, they have interviews with the Muppets, and Miss Piggy and Emily Blunt square off, and Miss Piggy and Kermit mess up a line and kiss in apology, and Deadly shows off his dance moves. And they have a Muppet director and a human director, a monster producer and a human producer, and one Muppet makes a "key grip" joke. BEST MOVIE EVER. I still have hearts in my eyes over it.

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  • 19th-Mar-2012 08:16 pm - You Had No Need To Call Me A Pest!
    kitty pie!
    I have spent the day listening to women making catty comments about how some other women dress, being stuck in a three-hour meeting where everyone argued and no one listened, and have swung between being too hot for a sweater and shivering like I have the flu when I took the sweater off.

    So I have been more than a little "GRRRRR" on tumblr, and I'm sorry for that. I promise it'll go back to Futurama and art reblogs and liking every post with Chris Evans' FACE.

    In the meantime, have the most adorable puppy gif from sirona-gs's tumblr, which is apparently where joy lives now.

    I swear to God, the last time I saw a puppy that looked like that, he was on The Muppet Show cuddling with Miss Piggy while Kermit yelled that he was "not the dog's Dada." I thought they were muppets, I didn't know they were real dogs!

    I need a mug of tea and then I'm going to collapse in my bed and watch my newly acquired second season of Psych. Gus/Shawn forever.

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    18th-Mar-2012 12:00 pm - You Can Be Anything You Wanna Be.
    unpublished maps we make ourselves
    So for the last little while, I've been getting really fed up and angry with all the anti-woman bullshit in fandom, media, and real life. I'm tired of being told that women don't matter, that their problems don't matter, that their races and their cultures and their beliefs aren't important, that female-centric stories and female heroes just don't count as much as the male versions. I'm tired of the slut-shaming and victim-blaming, the way women are judged and hated for their existence, exploited and hurt and dismissed, whether in various media or in real life.

    I know so many amazing women, from my mother to my sister to my friends to my workplace. I know women who fight tirelessly for justice, even though it feels hopeless sometimes, but they never give up. I know women who write amazing novels that turn genres on their heads and incur wrath from people who aren't ready to deal with their thoughtful, intelligent ideas. I know women who face every day with dignity, humor, and strength in their work and their personal lives, even when they're dealing with constant pain or illness or other kinds of difficulties. I know women who are working hard to bring universal health care to all people, regardless of any of the labels that seem to divide us. I know women who comes in all sizes, all races, all sexualities, all belief systems, all kinds of families who spend every single day raising awareness and fighting for equality, who are the first to stop and say "This is bullshit" when they see something that reinforces negative stereotypes of any person, who are trying to make the world a safer, kinder, more equal place for all of us who live in it.

    So I made a fanmix to celebrate women and all the ways we are amazing. It's not as much as I would like to do, but it's what I'm starting with for now. I apologize for the mostly Western-centric music, and I really hope that it doesn't make anyone feel left out.

    Much love and thanks to Jen for making this flow better with her amazing song-stitching skills. Mediafire, no graphics this time, and I hope it captures even a tenth of how fantastic women around the world are.

    Remembered the sound of the galaxy.Collapse )

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    14th-Mar-2012 08:22 am - No Way To Revolutionise.
    geeks united
    Firstly, happy birthday to nicolasechs who is a smart, funny, and all-around awesome person. I hope everything is fantabulous to you, bibi. ♥

    Secondly, here is my favorite thing on the internet today: Mr. B: The Gentleman Rapper - More Kissing in Porn, Please, We're British

    Finally, a song that speaks to me on a very important level! Seriously, I have opinions on this kind of thing.

    I'm going to go have tea and eat ginger cookies. It's a good way to start a Wednesday, I feel.

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    11th-Mar-2012 11:07 am - For Pony.
    geeks united
    Here, enjoy the BIL's new theme song for when he calls me on the phone:

    And if you're wondering why it's so perfect for him, keep in mind that he's the guy who got the Death Star tattooed on his arm to commemorate the fact that just about every single day of his life has led to some kind of Star Wars reference. Yeah, he's that level of geek.

    Also, here's the Grimm AU idea I pitched to misspamela to keep her entertained in class:

    Hank and Wu mutually quit the force after they almost die for the nth time because of Nick's Grimm business and instead open up a private investigation agency. Cue all the banter and/or bickering ever with Hank bitching about having to take pictures of cheating husbands while Wu classes it up with a fedora and his Sam Spade imitation.

    And then they fall head-first into a genuine murder mystery and have to dodge bullets and bad men while trying to figure out whodunnit. Nick and Monroe can show up every once in a while to flirt madly and be of absolutely no help, although they will affectionately mock Hank for being the grumpiest PI ever.

    If anyone ever writes that, I will be delighted. And possibly give you a real cookie.

    Okay, back to not doing anything while in my pajamas and napping whenever I feel like it. Long live the Sunday morning!

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    7th-Mar-2012 08:49 am - We're Going For A Ride.
    kingdom without a king
    You'd think after not posting for a bit, I'd have exciting things to report, but you'd be wrong. Instead, it's all family health issues I'd rather not talk about, so I spend too much time on Tumblr reblogging art, typography, and all the Avengers stuff that catches my eye. Avengers > real-life problems right now.

    So is this just my fantastically bad idea or would this song be perfect for an American Horror Story vid?

    Maybe from the point of view of the house and the ghosts? It could work, right?

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    2nd-Mar-2012 08:42 am - Who Came Up With Person Man?
    keep on blaming the machine
    So the BIL discovered that Jonathan Coulton loves They Might Be Giants and downloaded their entire discography. I will be spending the next few weeks listening to TMBG in the car to and from work, and this is absolutely no problem since they are great.

    Of course, listening to them made me think of Tiny Toons, and this video popped into my brain as it was the first time I had ever heard a TMBG song:

    Although the one I really loved was Particle Man because it was everything I loved about music and cartoons in one perfect sketch. Oh, Plucky, you and Daffy were always my favorites.

    God, I miss Spielberg's wacky cartoon shows, although I will never forgive Hysteria for misleading me on what a vomitorium actually is. That was not what it was used for, writers! I had the wrong idea about Romans for YEARS.

    Anyway, I've had a headache for the last two days, but I finally got about eight hours of uninterrupted sleep last night and I'm going to apply St. Hubert's to my face this evening to make up for the entirety of this week.

    Also, naps. This weekend will be made of naps.

    p.s. - to all the people on tumblr who keep posting gifs of the new Trek cast and their shenanigans and Chris Pine's ridiculous face: thank you for making me laugh when I would've punched the screen to make the hurting stop. You are all awesome people. ♥

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    29th-Feb-2012 01:51 pm - Everyone's Goal Is To Get Big-Headed.
    not the same without a gun
    So apparently fandom is being shitty over Lucy Liu being cast as Watson. Must be a Wednesday.

    Personally, I wish Liu was cast as Sherlock because a) it would be more interesting in terms of story and dynamic, b) Jonny Lee Miller bores me to tears, and c) I'm burned out on misanthropic geniuses solving mysteries with their badass sidekicks, so I'm pretty much out already. I might give it a shot just for Lucy because she is awesome, but quite frankly, I'm already sick of hearing about this show and the wank it creates, and just tired of new shows in general.

    Maybe I'll just go back to watching all the seasons of Murder She Wrote and wanting to be Jessica Fletcher. That's a good life goal for me.

    Meanwhile, I'll spend the rest of the day staring at this:

    Rattigan needs his Binky. ♥___________♥

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    28th-Feb-2012 11:17 am - You Make A Sharp One Being So Kind.
    not the same without a gun
    In lieu of real content, have Pink Martini and the legendary Saori Yuki performing Puff the Magic Dragon together:

    Pink Martini & Saori Yuki - Puff, the Magic Dragon from Pink Martini on Vimeo.

    That is just awesome. Period.

    Addendum: I've apparently fallen down the Tumblr hole because it turns out that it's easier to use than my brain had previously comprehended. At the very least, it makes posting pictures ridiculously easy, so I'm all set.

    So I'm here if anyone feels like following me. The theme is "EVERYTHING I FIND INTERESTING AND/OR COOL" and the rest devolves into chaos and fangirl squeeing. It's a lot like following my journal, but with more pictures and less text. Win-win for everyone!

    Tell me where you are so I may follow and fangirl you in that order.

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    27th-Feb-2012 09:04 pm - You've Already Sung This Song.
    on the muppet show tonight
    Names my sister and I have come up with to call the BIL when he's being grumpy:

    Jack and the Grumblestalk
    Hansel and Grumble
    Tom Grump
    The Goose That Laid the Golden Grumble

    My family is awesome. You know you wish you were us right now.

    (Also, I feel like this is a running gag that Monroe would pull when Nick was being cranky, which makes Nick even crankier, which is even more hilarious.)

    We watched an illegal copy of The Muppets today and I am all nostalgic for the Muppet songs of my youth. Here's one that never stops making me want to dance:

    The BIL is convinced that I am a Muppet. So far, I haven't come up with any kind of convincing evidence that I'm not. It's hard to argue that you're not made out of felt when you're pretty much the real-life version of Fozzie Bear, you know? I just need a bowtie and a wee hat to complete the look.

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    a falling star
    Thank you to everyone who has been sending me virtual gifts! Dragons are totally my favorite ever creatures that I wish were real, and blue is my favorite color, so you can see how I would be totally delighted to receive these things. You are all lovely people. ♥

    Also, to the person who bought more LJ time for me: thank you, thank you, thank you, you magnificently generous person! Seriously, I am wobbly with emotion (the good kind!) over such a gift, and I truly appreciate it. I promise not to ramble on about random crap in return, although I may post more webcomics that reference Doctor Who, if that's what you like. ♥♥♥

    Incredibly cool thing for today: a genderswap casting for The Avengers. The casting for Nick Fury was just genius, and that post is the first time I wanted to bang cared about Loki.

    No lie, I would watch that movie seventeen times in the theater and about a hundred times more on DVD.

    Things that I am enjoying right now:

  • Grimm - CAGE FIGHT. Also, Captain Renard, you intrigue me. I am halfway to wanting into your pants after that stunt.

    Also, where is all the 'Monroe and Nick accidentally end up dating/married and Hank is suspicious and Wu makes all the jokes ever' fic? I cannot find it and I need it! I'm slowly making my way through all the Juliette/Nick/Monroe fics because hello, threesomes, my favorite thing! but I want more bantering and bicker-flirting with all the cops in Portland PD.

  • H50 - hey, welcome back, show! I've missed you for the past two months, but you're finally back to being the show I love and adore. (Although I am still displeased with the way you handled Lori, but at this point, I'm resigned to the fact that you fuck up any woman who isn't Kono, so I'm going to handwave it for now.) Please keep it up. I want to continue loving you and making heart-eyes at the whole team being family again.

  • Person of Interest - seriously, how does this show keep getting better and better with each episode? I never thought I'd watch anything with Jim Cavizel, let alone enjoy it, but I am riveted every week. Also, CARTER IS THE BEST EVER OMFG. I love, love, love her beyond any kind of coherent articulation.

    So, who's writing the Human Target/Person of Interest crossover that lives in my head? The one where Reese and Chance both end up trying to help the same person and being distrustful of each other while working together, Guerrero and Finch threaten each other over various technology while secretly being impressed with the other, and Winston makes various D-faces, tries to avoid Carter who is onto them, and tries to figure out what the hell is going on while yelling at Finch and Guerrero every chance he gets. C'mon, I can't be the only one who's thought of this.

    So this happened yesterday:

    Brother-in-law: "Blah, blah, blah, Angry Birds have to kill the pigs, this is what I mean." [loads up Angry Birds on the sister's iPod Touch and launches a bird at the pig]
    Sister: "Oh! I had no idea what you were talking about. Anyway, give the Touch to Nettie and let's go. You have to drive me to the party."
    Me: [ten minutes into playing Angry Birds] "Oh, goddammit, I will not let you defeat me, you stupid, cute pigs. YOU GO SQUISH NOW."

    An hour later, the BIL comes back home and this conversation takes place.

    Brother-in-law: "Hey, you're still playing the game."
    Me: "Yeah, but I suck at it. I'm still on level five."
    Brother-in-law: "That's so cool. Not that you're on level five, that's just sad. But that you're still playing it."
    Me: "This just proves that I am shitty at videogames, like I've said all along!"
    Brother-in-law: "You know you can just hit the birds in the air and they explode into threes, right?
    Me: "...what?"
    Brother-in-law: "You tap the birds in the air and they break off into three birds and hit everything. If you time it right, you can--"
    Me: "Yes! Yes! I am winning! I am beating you, you stupid game! I AM THE QUEEN OF ANGRY BIRDS."

    Truth: I am actually not the queen of Angry Birds, but I'm having too much fun playing the game. I just want to get to the level with the exploding birds. That can't be so hard, can it?

    misspamela has already promised to inform my family, who will clearly never see me again, that I love them.

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  • one misstep and then they got you
    Over a week ago, lillian13 told me she was going to send me something in the mail, and like every cartoon character ever, I waited impatiently by the mailbox for it to show up.

    Or rather, I was excited for a few hours and then totally forgot that entire conversation and the existence of a present in the mail for me because I have the memory of a goldfish. Also, I've been sick, so I think this totally excuses the fact that I can't remember anything for more than fifteen minutes.

    So when I got home today and found a package in the mail for me, I was surprised! And confused! And then surprised all over again! It was like a never-ending loop of intrigue and head-scratching as I tried to figure out what I'd bought and whether I was turning into a Patton Oswalt routine as I age disgracefully.

    Halfway through opening it, I remembered lillian13, and when I finally got the whole thing open, I pretty much squealed with joy:

    Eeeeeeeeeeee! Thank you so much, bibi! My utter delight cannot be textually rendered, but please know that I LOVE THEM TO PIECES AND ADORE YOU FOR THINKING OF ME WHEN YOU SAW THEM.

    So of course, I made them do this the minute no one was looking:

    Once again, thank you for such an awesome gift. I love them so much. If you want anything -- fanmix, fic, icon, graphic -- please just ask, and I will make it for you. It is the least I can do for the amount of joy you've just dropped into my life. ♥

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    trip along merrily
    This morning's geeksplosion brought to you by Hijinks Ensue:

    (Click on the comic to go to the actual comic and the blog post explaining how Joel Watson is a huge, lovable nerd.)

    You want to know the absolute best part? Wil Wheaton was involved in its creation. Because Wil and Joel are kind of besties and Wil is constantly daring Joel on Twitter to make geeky comics.

    This is, like, the apex of nerdery.

    And before you ask, I've already begged the family for the shirt for my birthday. Because the Fighting Time Lords is exactly the kind of thing I would wear out in public.

    Addendum: Vali, Mary, I think you will enjoy this. ♥

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    one misstep and then they got you
    So, as you are all no doubt tired of hearing, I have been sick for the last little while. A few days ago, to make myself feel better, I decided to try and catch up with my fic-reading as I am woefully behind on everything. I have to dedicate a week at least to catching up on all the Lewis fic ever written, especially lamardeuse's stories.

    Anyway, here are two stories made out of rainbows, doughnuts, and unicorns that made me forget my sniffling misery.

    siriaeve wrote Amid the Leaves of Grass, a sweet, hysterically funny Steve/Tony piece that had me clapping my hands with glee:

    Steve drifted for a moment, thinking about that, which was why Tony's squawk of alarm startled him so much he almost tripped and fell into a mud puddle. "Where—what?" he said, looking up to the sky and half-expecting to see an attack coming from there. "Tony, are you—"

    "The map! The map's back in the car, which is somewhere that is very definitely not here, and I don't have JARVIS and there is no GPS in nature, Steve."

    "That's… true," Steve said slowly, "but—"

    "Oh God, the Post is going to have a field day with this. 'Stark Found Dead in National Park.'"

    "Tony, no one's going to—"

    "'Experts Believe Reduced to Eating Granola Before Death.'"

    "Trail mix bars, Tony, they're just—"

    "We should probably start conserving our urine, just in case." The look in Tony's eyes was more than a little manic. "God, and I can't even Tweet about the fact that my threat level is currently BEARS when there might actually be bears around."

    If you've never read Siri's work, you should go do that now because she is a faaaaaaaaaaabulous writer. Not only did this story have me sighing happily over how doofy in love Steve and Tony are, but this entire exchange had me flailing in helpless delight and laughter. Seriously, you guys, Tony's threat level is legit BEARS. How awesome is that?

    I know this one has probably be recced all over the place by everyone and their sentient robot, but I'm putting it here just in case, like me, you hadn't caught this before.

    Steve glances at him, then goes back to his drawing. “You’re going to feel terrible tomorrow.”

    “I already feel terrible,” Tony says. “Your 95-year-old girlfriend just drank me under the table. It’s humiliating.”

    Steve laughs, though it looks like he's trying not to. “She gives that stuff to everyone in the building. They all know better than to drink it.”

    "We need to introduce her to Thor," Tony says. And he means it. It will be unbelievable.

    So [personal profile] devildoll wrote Semaphore, a Tony/Steve story that is now possibly my most favorite first-time story of all time for four reasons:

  • Asgardians and Chumbawumba.
  • Tony and Steve have the most painfully awkward relationship before they even get in bed. I love them and they break my heart constantly.
  • Miriam, the most awesome old lady in the history of existence. Fandom, I want so many more awesome old ladies of all faiths and colors to be in stories from now on. Honestly, I didn't know how much I needed this until I read it here.
  • Ryan fucking Reynolds, oh sweet Jesus, I laughed so hard, I cried. Also, Pepper is just fucking awesome.

    The Avengers fandom just keeps making me happy. I cannot wait for the movie to come out so there can be fifty million more stories to be written and posted.

    Off to have dinner and maybe read more amazing stories by wonderful authors.

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  • 20th-Feb-2012 07:23 am - She Shot You In The Hat?
    My Avengers/Archer crossover idea.Collapse )

    So last week, I offered to make misspamela a fanmix for the fandom of her choice for Galentine's Day. She asked for a Due South mix, which delighted me, and I went overboard with the music because a) I love Fraser/RayK and DS in general, and b) it was my first real fandom where I participated instead of just lurking and I met amazing people that I am still friends with today. Basically, it is my forever fandom, so here is a kind of epic fanmix celebrating Mounties, Arctic wolves, and the Chicago detectives who love them both.

    Many grateful kisses to charliehey for listening to this ahead of time and telling me that it was good and told the story I wanted to tell. Sendspace, graphics included, and this is pretty much the most Canadian fanmix I've ever made. I hope it is enjoyable. ♥

    Doesn"t look good.Collapse )

    Now to drown myself in cough syrup so I can go out to the movies with the family today.

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    17th-Feb-2012 10:02 am - I'm Making A Note Here: Huge Success.
    not the same without a gun
    I think John Cheese and Daniel O'Brien just got supplanted as my favorite Cracked columnist of all time: Luke McKinney's The 8 Stupidest Defenses Against Accusations of Sexism. Seriously, I have hearts in my eyes right now.

    (I am not reading the comments for this article because I just know that a) idiots won't get it, and b) there will be more jackholes saying stupid, sexist things. I'm just going to re-read the article and bask in its awesomeness.)

    More awesomeness: Sara Quin (of Tegan & Sara) and Jonathan Coulton do a studio version of Still Alive.

    There's a theremin! Also, confirmation that Sara Quin is a nerd makes me happy beyond belief.

    Am skipping Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance because it is ONLY available in 3D. (Good job, Hollywood, I'm not watching that until it comes out on DVD now.) Instead, I will be watching Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds flirt with chase each other in Safe House. After that, it'll be a three-day weekend for me because I get Family Day off.

    Everything is fantastic today.

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    14th-Feb-2012 01:04 pm - Girls Like Swarms Of Things, Right?
    unforeseen chain of events
    Happy things for today:

  • thank you to all you amazing, lovely people who sent me hearts today! It was a wonderful surprise and I haven't stopped smiling yet. I love you all a lot. ♥

  • on Sunday, I put together all my Ikea boxes that I bought a few weeks ago and arranged all my CDs and DVDs. This means that everything in my bedroom has now been put away neatly and I have a floor again. I cannot even begin to tell you how good it feels to have all my stuff in its place, although I feel like I should mention that I keep walking around my room and marveling at the amount of space I have now that I don't have big boxes cluttering up the floor.

    Shit, my room is big.

  • I found all my Tragically Hip CDs! It's weird how much nostalgia I have for the Hip, considering that I was never a huge fan of theirs when I was younger. Now, though, their music reminds me of being young and belonging to Canada, even though I was new to the country.

    It also reminds me of when MuchMusic played interesting music and had a national identity and wasn't just a third-rate MTV clone playing useless crap. I can't believe I actually remember miss Erica Ehm. *is old*

  • my boss gave me a teeny pot with a cluster of tiny roses in them. So pretty! These are apparently self-watering, so at least they won't die on me. I don't have a green thumb, but even I can keep self-watering roses alive.

  • I just found out that Sarah Slean has a double album that she released last year, which means new Sarah Slean music for meeeeee! Hello, fantabulous birthday present, why are you not in my hands yet?

    Guys, I've been listening to Sarah's amazing voice for about eleven years now. She is, hands-down, one of my favorite artists of all time, and I own just about all of her albums, except for the ones I can't find in print anymore. To find out that she has a new album, one with a rock side and an instrumental side, is like finding out that Santa isn't a giant robot with a bazooka aimed at you, but more like a jolly fat man with a giant sack of presents for you.

    Basically, best news ever!

  • shall be seeing Ghost Rider 2 in theaters this Friday for Idris Elba's FACE. I don't even care how wretched the movie is, I'm paying money for it so that I can see Idris look good in a leather jacket and hear his lovely British accent. Don't even judge me for this because just look at the man and tell me you wouldn't do the same.

    Also, here's a book series rec: Jonathan L. Howard's Johannes Cabal series. A dark, funny series about an analytical German necromancer who wants to defeat death, is just terrible with people, and gets into all sorts of shenanigans through no real fault of his own. I really love it because the humor is dry and warped, the characters are interesting, and Johannes himself is a good anti-hero who you can't help but like, even as he does less-than-good things. And the first book discusses the absurdity of the bureaucracy of Hell, which, if you've known me for any length of time, is exactly the kind of thing that I love to read about.

    Plus, it is honestly laugh-out-loud funny at times. The brother-in-law and I spent a lot of our time stifling our giggles because we were reading it at work and we didn't want to attract attention. It's a lot like reading Good Omens, but with a German necromancer in the lead.

    So happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Or happy Tuesday in general!

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  • trip along merrily
    When I was making my Benji/Brandt fanmix, I decided I wanted to make it exactly like The Venture Bros because Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol had that same sense of high-octane adventure, ridiculous villains with drama queen sensibilities, and dysfunctional family shenanigans. Also, let's face it, Ethan Hunt is totally Brock Sampson without the mullet while Benji and Brandt are Master Billy Quizboy and Mr. White, right?

    Anyway, if you're wondering why this fanmix is so absurd, this is why. charliehey listened to it and declared it good, so I'm putting it out there for people wot want to listen to it.

    Mediafire, graphics included, and don't hit me because of the name, all right? I heart Rusty way too much for it to be healthy for me.

    That was the time we had the...?Collapse )

    Also, my Director just told me that she really appreciates me and that I am amazing. Fffffffffffffff, I LOVE THIS JOB SO MUCH. I just can't even right now.

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    geeks united
    Things heard way too frequently around my house:

    "Do you want to watch Grimm?"
    "Don't you mean... the Grim?"
    "Where's that from again?"
    "Harry Potter."
    "Oh my God, you nerd!"
    "Grimmy grimm."
    "Shut up and watch the show."


    "Hey, kitty. Who's got a little face?"
    "Shut up, I'm allowed to say stupid things to the cats."

    "Are you mad at me?"
    "No, why?"
    "You have a mad look on your face."
    "...that's just my face."

    "God, you're so sensitive."
    "WHAT? Wahhhhhhhhhh, you're so mean to me!"

    (This is why my sister is not allowed to watch Blade in the house anymore because she's got us all doing it.)

    (If you haven't watched Dave Chapelle playing Lil Jon on The Chapelle Show, none of this will make sense.)

    "Haha! You love me. Stupid."

    "Wocka wocka."

    "You know he was on The Wire, right?"

    "Filthy neutrals with their hearts full of neutrality!"

    And then the BIL and I discussed which Muppets would play which Avenger and here's what we came up with:

    Kermit = Nick Fury
    Miss Piggy = Natasha Romanov/Black Widow
    Sam the Eagle = Steve Rogers/Captain America
    Fozzie = Clint Barton/Hawkeye
    Animal = The Hulk
    Beaker = Dr. Bruce Banner
    Scooter = Phil Coulson

    I still have no idea who would play Tony Stark, Thor, or Loki, but I will probably spend the rest of the day thinking about that.

    Addendum: the first two suggestions are courtesy of laughingacademy's mad genius.

    Gonzo the Great - Tony Stark
    Camilla - Pepper Potts
    Waldorf & Statler - Thor & Loki

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    lovely in her bones
    So I was reading one of those free romance e-books that comes with Meep (my Kobo reader, named brilliantly by sinden) and wanting to smack the crap out of the lead characters because they're kind of stupid in the way that most romance novel characters are stupid if you want to make the book last more than ten pages. Anyway, I was reading it and, even though the characters weren't described anything close to this, this is how I pictured them:

    Needless to say, I am now rooting for these crazy kids to make it through whatever idiotic misunderstanding is keeping them apart because no one ever has a real conversation to clear up their problems in stories like these. You can make it, you two!

    Also, I want someone to write me endless porn where these two get naked and sweaty together.

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    5th-Feb-2012 03:39 pm - Remember, You All Have Zoidberg!
    please say yes
    So I am actually working on a Benji/Brandt fanmix because this is apparently what I do instead of write, but first, I wanted to make a surprise thing for charliehey because she is consistently amazing and the kind of friend you always want to have in your corner. And because we have Bender quote-a-thons every once in a while, which is a really good way to spend the day.

    I hope you like this, sweets. And don't let the next image fool you, it's not at all what you think it is.

    Good news, everyone!Collapse )

    Still sick, but I had a blast with Ron seeing Haywire and loosing my sister on her for the first time. Next up on my movie list: Man on a Ledge (Jamie Bell, get in my pants! still!) and Spaceballs in the theater this Wednesday as part of the digital film festival.

    It's going to be a good week.

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    everything is terrible!
    I have been sick since yesterday. And by 'sick', I mean that I am so congested, I have an ongoing headache and problems sleeping at night because I can't breathe properly. And by 'yesterday', I mean that I am on the verge of ripping out my nostrils and lungs so that I can finally get some form of rest from all the sneezing, snotty tissues, and coughing. Stupid body, WHY CAN'T YOU JUST WORK PROPERLY?

    God, everything sucks so much right now. I miss being able to breathe without setting off a coughing fit. I'd even take being able to smell the awful stench of rotting food in our lunchroom if it meant that I could breathe normally again. UGH.

    I did buy Gotye and Feist's most recent albums, as well as The Great Muppet Caper, so at least there's some bright spots on the miserable, sniffling horizon. Plus, I am going out to have dinner and see Haywire with Ron and the sister tomorrow, so that's really all that's keeping me going right now.

    Also, this guy:

    Ugh, Cumberbatch, come make me tea and let me sleep in your lap. I swear it'll make me feel better.

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    kingdom without a king
    Today is a soul-crushing day for reasons that are related to work, but not actually work-related. (As in, it's not work's fault, which is the first time I've ever typed this sentence in relation to a job.)

    I am posting this for traveller and misspamela, whom I love and adore and who will appreciate it as much as I do.

    I'm mentally inserting myself into this picture because I don't have any tea handy. It's definitely helping.

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    24th-Jan-2012 07:35 pm - Jam A Bastard In It, You Crap!
    a short drop and a sudden stop
    So today started off with a frantic rush to fix one of my fuck-ups that's going to cost my department money, the Oscar nominations were disappointing on more than a few levels (although Gary Oldman and Melissa McCarthy got nominated for their performances, and a Muppet song got nominated for Best Original Song, so that made me happy), and I had to wait half an hour in the cold because all my buses were either full up or out of service.

    Today could've been better, is what I'm saying.

    Here's Fred Astaire and Judy Garland being fantastic together:

    I have hearts in my eyes, honestly.

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    23rd-Jan-2012 03:27 pm - That Dog Won't Hunt, Monsignor.
    not the same without a gun
    Could everyone in Hollywood, and the media in general, please shut the fuck up about Michael Fassbender's penis, metaphorical or real? I know it's magnificent, but you've run those jokes into the ground as badly as fandom did with the 'Michael/Erik is a shark' thing. When I react to Clooney's Fassbender dick jokes with an eye roll and the intense urge to wedgie him, you've pretty much gone as far as you can go with this.

    I need to go home and have all the tea in the world. And maybe start making some Lewis icons. I need a creative break from how stupid some people are.

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    keep on blaming the machine
    Today, I have all the cute underwear in various shades of red and hot pink, so I am set for the year. This will come in handy for calming me down in February when I will want to stab everything in the face because I am sick to fucking death of winter, snow, and ice. It's preventative retail therapy, and people will thank me for it in about two weeks.

    Also, I took a picture at the grocery store of my sister pretending to eat a huge half-wheel of freshly made Parmesan cheese. Because dorkhood runs in this family.

    Since Megaupload went tits-up a few days ago, I had to re-upload my last three fanmixes to sites that aren't stupid enough to basically taunt the FBI into prosecuting them (as I have seen reported in the news, but who knows how accurate that is?). So if you missed them the first time or need to download them again for various reasons, there they are. I'm not sure how long the Sandman Slim mix will remain on Sendspace (probably thirty days), but if it expires, I'll consider putting it up on another website (that can handle over 200 mb of music) if people actually want to download it some more (I just really like parentheses).

    I am completely and utterly exhausted from doing groceries and some much-needed clothes shopping. I am torn between irritation at being so fatigued and ignoring all my feelings in favor of a long nap. Either way, I'm going to have a nice cup of English tea, curl up with my Kobo to read more H.G. Wells, and maybe paint my nails a nice fuschia if I feel up for it.

    God bless the weekends.

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    time-travelling killer!
    TV thoughts:

  • H50 - you are on serious fucking notice with me after this week's episode. Any more bullshit and I will be done with you. The only reason you even get another chance was because of Rachel and Sang Min's existences this week, but you are skating on thin ice with everything else. Whatever you're doing to be cool, stop it because you SUCK at it. Be better, goddammit.

  • Jeeves & Wooster - haaaaaaaaaaart! Everything about this show is delightful and makes me want to give PG Wodehouse another try. (I quit trying to get into him when I was younger, but I might have been too hasty.) Also, Stephen Fry and his bedroom eyes, rawr. I am a little unsettled by how attractive I find him when he plays Jeeves, considering that, to me, he's always been more like the charming uncle who occasionally says stupid shit that you forgive him for because you adore him so much. I'm not used to finding him fuckable. :O

  • Castle - I love this show, even though I am getting a little tired possible spoiler, I guessCollapse )

    Still, I love everyone. Beckett and Castle continue to be fabulous together, Esposito and Ryan are even more bromantical now that Ryan's married, and Martha and Alexis are the best people ever. ♥ Spoiler?Collapse )

  • Lewis: this show should totally be called Oxford Behaving Badly because the cases, oh my God! I watch them with my jaw dropped to the floor. But ugh, Lewis and Hathaway make me so happy with their quiet friendship and sly banter and how they're always poking around each others' lives, trying to get a peek in.

    On a more serious note, I really do appreciate how they portray Muslims, and minorities in general, on this show. I'm on series three, and from what I've seen so far, they get to be people, complex and complicated with needs and desires like everyone else, without being pigeonholed as victims or villains. I really appreciate that.

    These days, whenever I watch shows and there are PoCs involved, I start to cringe in advance because I know there's a good chance there will be some awful stereotype that I will have to work hard to handwave so I can enjoy the rest of the episode. Like every time NCIS had an Arab character or a terrorist plotline, I had to sigh and mentally disregard everything that wasn't team banter or Abby and Gibbs being cute together because otherwise, I would've been ragey throughout the entire episode. And honestly, that shit's exhausting.

    But I don't have to do that with Lewis, and I really can't articulate enough how glad I am of that. I don't want to have to work so hard just to enjoy a show, I have other things to do with my life.

    (lamardeuse, I have watched Life Born of Fire and AFJDSK WHAT IS THIS SHOW? And how is it that everyone on this show ships Lewis and Hathaway, including Innocent, their boss, jfk? What did you get me into?!

    However, I am a big schmooper and just want to write tons of Lewis/Hathaway where they trade quips and quotes and Lewis complains about literary references and Hathaway makes faces at Lewis' musical choices and Hobson shows up every once in a while to ask after Hathaway and roll her eyes when Lewis pretends not to know what she's talking about.

    God, what is my life and its choices?)

  • Futurama - from the beginning. Yup, still as awesome and hilarious as I remember it. Bender continues to be my favorite while I continue to be Leela, apparently.

    I have drunk a lot of tea in the last two days. I think I might be well enough to go into work tomorrow. I'll let you know.

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  • 18th-Jan-2012 05:41 am - Satan, You Owe Me!
    everything is terrible!
    I spent yesterday at home drinking tea and watching TV because I was as sick as a dog. I'm still sick today, but I'm making an attempt to go into work because I can't really afford to take time off to be sick. I doubt I'll make it since I'm coughing hard enough to not be able to breathe, but at least I got dressed this morning.

    So yesterday I watched all of Ziegfeld Follies instead of just 'The Babbitt and the Bromide', like I always do, for Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire in a dance-off with Sigmund Freud beards at the end. Besides that, this is my other favorite bit from the movie:

    Goddamn, I love Judy Garland. I didn't like her much as a kid because I only ever knew her from The Wizard of Oz and I hate that movie (I know, I know, I'm a terrible person), but as I get older and watch her in more stuff, the more I discover how amazingly talented and funny she was.

    Also, finished series one of Lewis wherein one of the episodes had an actual, canon undercover-boyfriends moment and I about fell out of my chair with glee. God, I love this show and cannot wait to watch the rest of the seasons.

    Ugh. I think I might go lie down. I feel so sick that I don't trust myself to stand right now.

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    trip along merrily
    There is a long, boring explanation for why I ended up making a fanmix for 2 Broke Girls, but the short version is: I really didn't mean to, it just sort of happened. And I wish the show were better so I wouldn't be embarrassed about liking it, but since it's got two female leads being dysfunctional friends and talking about things other than guys, I'll take it for now.

    I also did not mean to use songs from other famous musicals for this fanmix, but a) if you think of the story of Caroline and Max as a frothy musical about horses, friendship, and cupcakes, it kind of makes everything better, and b) if Tarantino can do it for his soundtrack, I can do it for my fanmix. Why should he have all the fun?

    Love and thanks to charliehey for listening to this ahead of time and letting me know what worked and what didn't. She is the queen of everything, and also a premier song-stitcher. Basically, she is amazing and I'm lucky to have her in my life.

    Medafire, graphics included, and I apologize for the absurd cupcake fantasy number I have in the middle of the mix, but as usual, only I think I'm funny, and you all have to suffer as a result.

    Hopefully, the music will make up for all of this.

    The last thing they"re after is a litany of woe.Collapse )

    I have started watching Jeeves & Wooster, and it's hilarious. I had forgotten how much I used to like Wodehouse when I was younger, or that Hugh Laurie used to play British idiots so well. Also, they are so in love. It's not even funny how in love they are. I'm only on the second episode, but I cannot wait to watch all the seasons.

    Plus, Hugh playing the piano and singing beautifully, and all the costume porn I can handle. Oh, this show. <3

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    unforeseen chain of events
    This is what I was looking at all day while chaos was raining down around me:

    It's saved as 'oh captain my captain' because OH STEVE.

    Also, has anyone written the story where Steve mentions to Tony in passing that he used watch the Busby Berkeley musicals when he was a kid and it's too bad they don't make movies like that anymore because he really loved them? And Tony kind of blinks at him like he wasn't expecting that, but the next day when Steve comes down for breakfast, Jarvis has all the musicals ever cued up for him to watch, and Steve is kind of ridiculously happy and touched by the whole thing.

    And it turns out that he likes all the usual suspects - Judy Garland, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly and the like - but it surprises him how much he loves the modern musicals too. He loves The Phantom of the Opera and has to wipe away tears at the end, he is enthralled by West Side Story and Rent, he laughs at the Muppets movies (which Tony only put in there because Sam the Eagle reminds him so much of Steve, but in a good way), he learns all the songs in Mamma Mia! and sings them in a pleasant enough baritone that Natasha doesn't threaten to disembowel him, even though she hates ABBA, and he isn't quite sure how to react to The Producers, especially the Springtime For Hitler song, but he does enjoy the dance numbers and the chorus girls.

    And then maybe Steve dances by himself around the house, trying to imitate moves he saw in the movies, and someone catches him doing it and teaches him to dance properly? It can be anyone, although I really like the idea of Pepper teaching him to waltz properly because he would be bashful and she would be gentle with him, and eventually Peggy would come up, and they could talk about her over tea (Pepper loves Earl Grey, Steve is addicted to peppermint) and Steve could finally have someone to talk to about all his feelings while Pepper would enjoy having a conversation that isn't work or Tony-related.

    I just want Pepper and Steve being BFFs. Is that so wrong?

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    one misstep and then they got you
    So today I had to do about five major things, two of them at the same time, in addition to providing back-up to my Director because her admin assistant is sick and hasn't been in all week. I cut my lunch short so I could finish up as much as possible by the end of today, and then spent the afternoon running around in a panic, trying to finish up three major projects while answering my Director whenever she needed something.

    I am exhausted and so goddamn happy, I can't even stand it. I love this job SO MUCH. The people I work with are so wonderful, the work is interesting and different every single day, and oh my God, my Director. She is just totally amazing and I have hearts in my eyes every time we chat. She kept saying "I appreciate you" every five minutes, which made me so ridiculously happy that my heart grew three sizes.

    OMG dream job, I love youuuuuuu. Please, Jesus, let them extend my contract. I want to work there forever.

    In fannish news, sirona_gs sort of asked for a fanmix for BAMFs in love. I tried to make it pan-fandom, but it ended up being Phil Coulson/Clint Barton of the Avengers. I know, I was shocked that it wasn't Tony/Steve as well! Millions of grateful thanks to charliehey for taking the time to go over each track and give me fantastic, detailed feedback. She is totally aces and planets should be named after her.

    Mediafire, graphics included, and I hope you like this, bibi. Think of it as a present for being so utterly delightful in every way.

    Shut up and get to the point!Collapse )

    Randomly, the BIL made me a dancing Bender gif that is now part of my work email signature. I can't even begin to tell you how this made my day, but if you've known me for any amount of time, you won't be surprised by my reaction. (It's Bender! He dances! In my email!)

    I am such a huge dork.

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